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It’s time to get started!  Here you will find free things to learn from, listen to, and even get connected with other women on this amazing journey.


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Others are sharing their thoughts about Dena and how she has helped them.

“Now Dena doesn’t just give you the what.  She will give you the how.  She is going to give you proven strategies, proven steps, actionable steps that is going to help you breakthrough and help you get to the next level.  Dena Adams, I can tell you is a person of integrity, a person of great character, and she absolutely loves people!”

Natacha Parris

Servant CEO, Excellent Families

“Dena was so valuable to me because she truly empathized with where I was at in my life, and was the support and encouragement that I needed. She made me feel like I mattered and like I wasn’t alone in this journey.  She also helped me map out a way to confidence and reach my goals.”

Hailey Seel


“What a passion she has for helping others! ..She is so full of encouragement, ideas, business tips and so much more. Thoroughly enjoy working with Dena and her amazingly positive outlook.  Getting advice from a fellow sister in Christ is just the best thing my business needs.  Thanks so much Dena!”     

GG Mack

Founder, God's Gals

Discover Your Inner Greatness

To discover your inner greatness takes self-care, no more mom guilt, and a desire to date yourself.  First, you must overcome the overwhelm so you can focus in the moment.

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Please share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions.  For every person willing to reach out there are many who are not.  I hope you are willing to connect.  After all, YOU MATTER and your voice should be heard. 

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