Spend 30 minutes with Dena to discuss the best course of action to take moving forward.  If she isn’t a good fit she will do her best to support you in the best direction for you. 

Upon completing your pre-session activity you and Dena will dive into planning out the best strategy to support you moving towards achieving your goals in life, faith, and/or business.

How you Can work with me

DIY Programs

Many people prefer to work on their own at their own pace.  Upon completing your FREE consultation we can discuss what is the best program I offer that will support you farther on your journey. 

One on One

Working one on one is where people get the most out of any coaching, mentoring, or support.  Upon completing your FREE consultation we can discuss what length of time is going to work best for the results you are seeking. 

Speaking Events

Empowering others to dig deeper into who they are, why they live the way they do and stir up a desire to better themselves while reminding them of their value and worth so they can live more confidently.  

I have shared this message through speaking or leading workshops in middle school classrooms, high school auditoriums, on stage to many, private retreats, locally in rooms of few, and virtually around the world. 

Areas of Focus


Setting a foundation in your faith in which to live your life from is not always as easy as it seems. It's even more difficult to re-establish that walk when you have strayed from His path. Re-evaluation, gaining perspective, and applying new structure to your faith life will help you with finding your way back to your faith. Your relationship with Christ.


The relationship you have with yourself dictates the relationships you have in the world. Seeking your inner truth and defeating your past are important to your healing and being able to design the future you were created for.


Let's face it neither of these comes with a manual specific to your spouse or child/ren. Every person is different and no book can help us fix everything. This is specific to you, your marriage, and your situations.


There are so many approaches to business in this day and age, and everything is ever-changing. When approaching business it's about being able to slow down, step back, and strategize with what you have, where you want to go, and know what you will eventually need to keep moving forward.

Life In General

Sometimes there are just so many plates we are juggling in our lives we need to find harmony between all the areas, self, faith, marriage/parenting, and business. Diving into all the things and putting strategies in place to self-manage every area of life is where you need to start before you can even think about diving into one area more intentionally.

common questions

Everyone and every situation is different  Although I have a basic starting point every session will naturally go in the direction that is best for the clients overall outcome. 

FREE consultation are all 30 minutes.  

Strategy Session are 90 minutes.  

We develop a plan together based on what your goals are, how long you need in between session to implement and your overall desire of frequency.  

Absolutely.  Every discussion in every session is confidential.  I do have my mentors in my industry that I turn to for guidance and support as well.  All names and personal information will stay confidential per industry guidelines and my basic morals and ethics.

To schedule a FREE consult you can go to https://calendly.com/denaadams/chatwithdena

From there we will schedule your first paid session.  You will then have a link in your email to my private calendar for paying clients.  

90-minute sessions are $197

You can purchase individual sessions.  

There are 3, 6, and 12 month packages available.  

We will discuss all your options during your FREE  session to see which one is going to help you with accomplishing your goals most effectively. 

Not everyone is right for everyone.  I love this question!  We will take these 30-minutes together to see if we are a good fit for each other.  If either of us feel we that someone else would be better suited to support you on your journey I will do my best to refer you to someone else for you to work with.  I would never want someone to work with me for the sake of having a paying client.  

This will be based on a case by case basis.  

You can choose to work with me for 1 session at a time or 3 or 6 months and then sometime later come back for another session here and there.  

You get to choose what is best for you.

I am located in Northern Colorado.

All session are via zoom. 

Speaking engagements are able to be in person as situations allow. 

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