Guest Tammy Rotzoll

On todays episode I am talking with Tammy Rotzoll creator of Footprints of Inspiration and Grow Your Faith Community on Facebook. 

I just love that she’s relatable, her success, her achievements. Just like anyone’s are your own. And, uh, and one of the messages I really want people to hear today is your story, your journey, your process, where you get to where you’re going, how long it takes or how quick it happens.  Your journey is specific to you and you should never want your story to look like anybody else’s, but other people’s stories and journeys should inspire you to keep working on your own business and moving forward.  

Tammy is the founder and owner of Footprints of Inspiration, podcast host at a Faithful God Podcast, author of Finding Peace in the Mess Devotional, as well as multiple Bible studies. Tammy loves empowering women to live a peace-filled, purpose-filled life, even in the hard, messy times. She lives in Virginia with her husband and two boys, and in her downtime, you can find her hanging at the beach, soaking in the ocean breezes. 

You can find Tammy at:

You can listen to her podcast 

A Faithful God Podcast 

I encourage you to get connected with Tammy if she resonates with you.

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