Guest Sparkle Christine

Deriving your Power from God with Guest Sparkle Christine

Sparkle Christine is a business and faith coach and spiritual advisor.  Sparkle utilizes biblical principles throughout her coaching. She works with first-time business owners to show up on purpose in purpose for themselves and for their business regardless of where their current revenue is.  She also works with first-time business owners, if they are still in the transitional point between still working with a company and becoming that full-time entrepreneur, and she helps them create an exit strategy to do so.  

Sparkle and I had an incredible conversation that included faith and business, how to bring your faith into your business when others tell you not to, having a support system, and the harsh reality of the behind-the-scenes that no one else sees.  

Grab a hot drink, settle in, and let’s chat.  

Snippet from the episode:

Clients will make you wanna quit. systems will make you wanna quit. The process will make you want to quit. so what was I created to do? I’m not happy if I’m not doing what I was created to do. And it’s almost like as believers, you know, we say, okay, we’re gonna pick up our cross and carry a daily and that looks different for each and every one of us.

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