Guest Lilian Sue (Ep.40)

Life, family and health issues didn’t stop her.

Lilian is in the storytelling and relationship-building business. A PR coach and publicist, she believes in empowering the creative entrepreneurs she works with to push past their limiting beliefs and mindset blocks to build healthy coping mechanisms for a strong mindset. She teaches them how to learn to build and launch PR campaigns that achieve their goals and help their stories gain worldwide recognition.

As an entrepreneur, she’s had to push back against cultural traditions and strict family roles to live the life that she wanted, learn how to prioritize mental health (including letting go of what doesn’t serve her and her desire for control), and develop her own set of mindset mantras, to continue to pay it forward and make a positive impact with as many people as possible. She’s returned to her first love of writing, continuing her love of storytelling, working on a nonfiction PR book and her first adult contemporary romance.

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