Guest Lea Llanera (Ep. 42)

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In this episode, Lea shares her inspiring story of overcoming adversity and how she used her experiences to fuel her success in business. We all face challenges in life, but it’s how we respond to those challenges that set us apart. In this episode, Dena Adams talks with Lea Llanaera who shares her personal story of overcoming adversity and how she used her experiences to fuel her success in business. From setbacks and struggles to triumphs and victories, she discusses the highs and lows of her journey and offers valuable insights into how she navigated through the toughest moments. Along the way, Lea shares the powerful lessons she learned about resilience, perseverance, and the importance of having a strong support system. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply looking for inspiration, this episode will leave you feeling motivated and empowered to overcome any obstacle. Tune in to learn about her journey of resilience and the powerful lessons she learned along the way.

Hey! My name is Lealyn. Currently based in Wellington, New Zealand. I am a wife to my lovely husband, who’s been very supportive, and a new mum to our daughter!
I had vast experience in Recruitment and Organizational HR. Oops! I’m talking about so many technical terms here…! Since I finished my Bachelor’s, I was exposed to different areas of Human Resources, but those close to my heart were becoming an HR Business Partner and Recruitment. Over time, I realized that I, as a person, am result-oriented and highly find satisfaction when I see direct output/results. So.. I started anew! My freelancing and virtual assistant journey began when I had a friend who introduced me to SEO. I remember upon hearing it, I was in denial. In denial as I was intimidated by what I did not know. 3 years now being a freelancer and a virtual assistant.
I have experience in SEO, Digital Presence Management, and Podcast Management. I remember the days when I learned the skills I now have but had no prior experience. I started somewhere, but I honored what I did not know and compared it to what I knew.
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