Guest Chris Felton

Chris Felton is a bestselling author, 7-figure entrepreneur, and the founder of Piper Financial, Inc, a leading financial services firm.

Over his 23-year career, Chris leads a team of over 170 agents and they have helped over 17,000 clients, and he’s achieved Top 1% status in a company of 50,000+ agents. Chris’ insights have been featured in major media outlets such as US News & World Report, Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, and Nasdaq to name a few.

Chris is committed to sharing his story and lessons learned from being on the brink of financial ruin and divorce to creating financial success and peace of mind.

His latest book and speaking series “Think and Grow You”, Chris is focused on helping driven entrepreneurs break through plateaus in their growth by learning how to get out of their own way and take their success, peace, and impact to the next level.

Twitter Handle: @clfelton

Instagram: @cf_e2e

Website –

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