Guest Ann Visser (Ep.39)

Today Ann is talking about how avoiding conflict is DETRIMENTAL to relationships, her story of overcoming this in her marriage, and how she helps others do the same.

Ann Visser – Co-Founder & CEO 4 Better 4 Ever | Life Coach | John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer | Life Coaching and Training specializing in equipping individuals and organizations to communicate clearly and confidently.

My mission is to equip individuals and organizations to communicate clearly and confidently for a closer connection.

Good communication is part of the foundation for every strong personal and business relationship. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the healthy communication skills they need to build strong relationships.

But the good news is that communication is a skill so anyone can learn it. That means you can learn it too.

As the Co-Founder and CEO of 4 Better 4 Ever, I focus on equipping individuals and organizations experiencing communication challenges

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