Stop Dreaming ~ Start Doing

Dreams to Reality FREE Mini-Series is going to give you Action Steps to move forward with your business goals!


In our 5 days together, you will gain tools to help you stop dreaming,
take action and begin the journey to making your goals happen

Have you ever thought….. 

  • I don’t have enough time 
  • I’m being pulled in a million directions at once 
  • If I could just have some alone time I could….. 
  • I’m tired of paying for coaches and still being stuck 
  • I do all the things and still feel like I’m going in circles 

MINI-SERIES DATES: 18th-22nd (All Trainings will be recorded)

In this Mini-Series, You Will Learn How To...

Hey, I’m Dena and I thought all those things too and desired all the promises.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours for coaches and programs.  Some I needed, most I didn‘t.  I did that because I was going in circles.  I just wanted the step by step of the things I didn’t know so I could just do them and not spend so much time in frustration.  One time I even told a friend of mine that I felt like I needed a boss to just tell me what to do every day in my business so I could get back to serving my clients since that is what I LOVE doing.   

After years of working with clients and showing up on-line and on social media I still felt like I wasn’t doing enough, didn’t have enough time, and that I might as well give up.  Giving up didn’t feel right.  That didn’t stop the negative self-talk; “This must not be where God wants me”, “I must not be as capable as I thought”, “Other people are doing really good and they have been in this space less time than I have”, and the thoughts go on and on.  I’m sure you have your own dialogue going on too at times.  NONE OF IT IS TRUE!!  That is what we call “Imposter Syndrome” 

I will tell you that it wasn’t the coaches or the programs that were not a good investment.  You have great things at your fingertips and have learned so much because of those coaches and programs.  It’s the Implementing, taking action, doing the things that will make you money, etc. are all the things we tend to struggle with the most. 

We spend so much time, consuming content that when we go to implement, we miss out on the things we need to put in place and do along the way so we can make our dream our reality.   

You Can’t Just WILL It into Existence as much as many gurus will tell you that you can.

You Said What!?!

What others are saying….

"The first time I heard Dena Adams speak, I knew I wanted to work with her! Her talks engage and captivates the audience while delivering information listeners can put into practice immediately".

Denise O. ~ Colorado

"Having the opportunity to chat with you was amazing and a real blessing".

Rebekah S. ~ Australia

"Loved your message and your heart, thank you for sharing honestly your struggles, your story and your incredible insight. All to inspire and encourage, no matter where we are on our journey".

Lori S. ~ Colorado

"If and you feel stuck and you want to get to the next level Dena is the coach for you. If you’re at that place and you want change, you want breakthrough, you want to get to the next level you need to get into her program. Now Dena doesn’t just give you the what. She will give you the how. She is going to give you proven strategies, proven steps, actionable steps that is going to help you breakthrough and help you get to the next level. Dena Adams, I can tell you is a person of integrity, a person of great character, and she absolutely loves people and that is what you need in your life right now to get to the next level. So, if you’re ready to make that change I highly recommend that you choose this program so Dena Adams can help you get there".

Natacha P. ~ Florida

Is This Right for Me Right Now?

This is right for you if….. 

What you don’t and do need right now.....

You don’t need another coach or program that is going to give you more actions steps without any support and that keeps you from implementing 

You don’t need to invest in the wrong coach or program for where you are right now 

You need to learn how to put a system in place that will allow you to take steps towards your goals on an ongoing basis 

You need to gain confidence in your own ability to take action in your business daily that will keep moving you forward 

You need to be able to be intentional with what you allow and don’t allow to control your time so you can reach the goals you have for your business and your life.   


Dreams to Reality FREE Mini-series

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