Get Unstuck
Live On Purpose


In our 5-days together You will learn more about how to get
unstuck in all areas of your life and live on purpose!

At Some Point In Life You Have Probably….

    • Seen a counselor or therapist
    • Been to a big event with a personal development guru
    • Invested money on business and mindset coaches
    • Invested tons of hours only to keep getting stuck somewhere
    • Felt like giving up on your dreams for you, your family, and your business

BOOTCAMP DATES: 14TH-18TH (All Trainings will be recorded)

In this Bootcamp, You Will Learn How To...


Hey, I’m Dena and I have done all those things I mentioned earlier.  In 2001 I was newly married, new to being a stay-at-home mom, with 3 kids, and desired to be able to work from home.  As I was sitting on the floor with our then, 3-month-old daughter, I was questioning my value and my worth as a mom, wife, daughter of Christ, and an entrepreneur.  I heard God tell me “It’s time to change”.   

It was then I decided to see what that meant.  So, I spent tons of hours with mental health professionals, invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on coaches, and I was still stuck.  I started to believe that I wasn’t a good enough mom, wife, daughter of Christ, entrepreneur, or woman for that matter.    

I learned that, although the business coaches, mindset coaches, and mental health professionals helped me grow and do better and be better in some areas, I was getting stuck because something was missing.  I started diving into research and how to heal myself from the inside out.   

I spent the better part of 17 years learning, growing, improving and every time I would get stuck and a coach or therapist didn’t have the tools to help me, I turned to all the things I had done before to help myself in those moments.   

Now, almost 20 years later, 19 years of marriage, 26 years of parenting, 20+ years of entrepreneurship I have brought all my life experience, training, lessons learned (and there have been lots and there will be more)….. 

I created the “Get Yourself Unstuck Bootcamp” just for you so it won’t have to take you as long as it did me to uncover yourself under all the world has laid on you.   

You Said What!?!

What others are saying….

"The first time I heard Dena Adams speak, I knew I wanted to work with her! Her talks engage and captivates the audience while delivering information listeners can put into practice immediately".

Denise O. ~ Colorado

"Having the opportunity to chat with you was amazing and a real blessing".

Rebekah S. ~ Australia

"Loved your message and your heart, thank you for sharing honestly your struggles, your story and your incredible insight. All to inspire and encourage, no matter where we are on our journey".

Lori S. ~ Colorado

"If and you feel stuck and you want to get to the next level Dena is the coach for you. If you’re at that place and you want change, you want breakthrough, you want to get to the next level you need to get into her program. Now Dena doesn’t just give you the what. She will give you the how. She is going to give you proven strategies, proven steps, actionable steps that is going to help you breakthrough and help you get to the next level. Dena Adams, I can tell you is a person of integrity, a person of great character, and she absolutely loves people and that is what you need in your life right now to get to the next level. So, if you’re ready to make that change I highly recommend that you choose this program so Dena Adams can help you get there".

Natacha P. ~ Florida

Is This Right for Me Right Now?

This is right for you if….. 

What you don’t and do need right now.....

You don’t need more business coaches, or mental health professionals, or anyone else telling you how to make more money, have a better marriage or take more medicine.

You need someone to, with all the love, stir up what is lying dormant inside of you and bring her to the light and the land of the living.   

You need to get focused on you so that all those other people and programs and options can be more for you than you ever expected. 

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