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Meet Dena

Meet Dena S. Adams

Meet Dena S. Adams

We need a revival.  Yes spiritual but also mental, emotional, and physical awareness of our self, our choices, and our life that we are choosing and letting others choose for us. In order to go on that journey, what do you need? You have to have someone who’s already been there take you on it so you know what direction to go. You need someone who can help you alter your course and help you make your own path because that’s your story.

That’s my purpose. It’s to help you find your purpose, not to take you on the exact path that I’ve always taken, not to go on the journey that I went on because if you go on the journey I went on, it’s going to take you 20 years. Right? We don’t want you to do that. You need someone to help you to be able to streamline your journey and your self-discovery.

You need a support person. You need someone to be there so you’re no longer alone on your journey like I was. You need someone who’s willing to hold space and hope for you when you don’t have any.

I didn’t have anybody tell me what I needed. I had people telling me what they couldn’t do for me.  I had people who wanted to help me but had no idea how to because where I was was nowhere near anything they had conquered.

This is your journey and I am here to be your life strategist.

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