Meet Dena

Welcome to my world, where transformation knows no boundaries. I’m Dena Adams, your dedicated Breakthrough Expert, and I’m here to help you uncover your inner truth, conquer your past, and chart a path towards a future that’s uniquely yours.

My journey guiding others to their breakthroughs has been happenings most of my life. It has been a privilege to work with a diverse range of individuals seeking transformation. Sometimes they weren’t seeking anything. Transformation happens when we are open and ready for what God has in store for us. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a parent with a hectic schedule, or someone on a quest for personal growth, I’m here to assist you.

I believe that everyone can unlock their new level to get closer to their full potential. My mission is to guide you through your self-discovery, help you establish empowering boundaries, support you on enhancing your efficiency in your daily life and your business, and reshaping your core beliefs to create a solid foundation so you can achieve your dreams in your life, faith and business.

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Here are a few things people have said about working with me.

“I’ve known Dena and worked with Dena for many, many years. She will give you the how.  She is going to give you proven strategies, proven steps, actionable steps that is going to help you breakthrough and help you get to the next level. Dena Adams, I can tell you is a person of integrity, a person of great character, and she absolutely loves people and that is what you need in your life right now to get to the next level.  So, if you’re ready to make that change I highly recommend that you choose to partner with Dena Adams to help you get there. ”
Natacha P. ~ Florida, USA
“Dena has provided women with a practical way to rekindle their relationship with God. She takes us on a self-reflective journey starting with identifying where we currently are and why we’re feeling disconnected and alone, all way through to unpacking the many lies we tell ourselves (and hear from others) and then discovering ways that we feel close to God. With a gentle, yet honest tone, Dena gives us the opportunity to reflect on how we see ourselves – digging into the areas that make us feel unworthy, unacceptable and unlovable. She reminds us that every single person, despite how successful or ‘together’ we appear, struggles with these thoughts. But we’re encouraged back to the truths in God’s Word that states our loving Father views us as His new creation – His jewel.”