How You Affect Your Business

What is the link between your relationship with yourself and the affects that relationship has on your business?


You are the link.

We often hear people speak about the separation of personal and professional/business life. 

They are one in the same.

You don’t say my life and friendships, or my life and family life, or break down all aspects of your life.  You consider it all your personal life, and anything related to the workplace or business is distinctively professional or business life.

We tend to work to keep these two areas of our lives separate. Yet we also try to find a flow between the two, especially if you are working at home for any length of time.

I’m sure you are aware that your relationship with yourself affects every part of your life.  It affects your relationship with your kids, friends, acquaintances, random people you pass by, places, sounds, smells, business, money, faith, and I could go on and on. 

Why is it like this? 

Every emotion, reaction, experience, like, dislike, value, etc. that is a part of you contributes to your business. 

You live life very specifically to who you are. 

Your past experiences have shaped everything about you.  Have you ever noticed that when a song comes on that you don’t care for you have emotions around that song and you may or may not realize why? 

You have feelings around every encounter within your business or the workplace.  Maybe someone uses a word or phrase that is a trigger from a negative experience in your past.  Keep in mind these might be completely unrelated to your current situation and/or environment.  That doesn’t keep your subconscious from telling you it’s not okay.  This triggers old emotions, non-related, that are now attaching themselves to this new experience with the current circumstances and people involved. 

This can affect your business.  This is why setting a solid foundation in your business is dire to the intentional success you are working towards in your business.  We know there are plenty of ways things happen in our businesses that are unintentional yet still create success.  If what you are working towards intentionally isn’t happening it could have something to do with you and not anyone or anything else. 

A lot of times we don’t realize we have an issue with making decisions, certain environments, or people.  You may think it is a money mindset issue, lack of confidence, lack of skill, or any other reason you believe you are getting stuck in your business.  Without getting to the root cause of what is happening within yourself you will never uncover the resistance you are facing in your business. 

Keep in mind that you could be flourishing in your business, yet your personal life is falling apart or vice versa.  Well Dena, how can you say that if you just said that my relationship with myself affects my business.  Wouldn’t that mean if one area of my life is doing well, then all areas of my life would be doing well? 

When you understand that in this world we are on a journey and not seeking a final destination, because that means death, then you will also be able to understand that all of us are always able to improve in any, and all areas of our lives.  This means that you might have an issue working as a team in a work environment yet at home, it comes naturally, and it seems to be so smooth.  That could be because your home life growing up was smooth and you know exactly how to face anything that comes your way.  That could also mean that somewhere along the way you developed an issue working with others either at a job, at school, or in a group setting outside of the home that made it difficult for you to do this and so you have carried that with you and now in business those same beliefs are engrained in you to see teamwork this way.  Now you expect it to be difficult or an issue without realizing it. 

There must be time for you to evaluate, analyze, review how things are going in your professional life and how that connects back to you so you can have a better opportunity for getting unstuck in your business and keep progressing forward. 

Now you’re probably asking, “Dena how in the heck do I do that?”

I have a few ways to help you with that. 

1) Honesty

2) Communication

3) Responsibility

4) Self-Care

5) Self-Awareness

6) Transformation


When it comes to honesty, it is important to remember that if you are not honest with yourself about how you feel, your emotions, likes, dislikes, and so on then you will NOT be honest with others in the situations you find yourself in because you haven’t clarified for yourself these things.


This is like honesty.  You need to know how to effectively communicate within yourself.  I talk to myself, A LOT.  I need to have time to process through how I feel, what I like, what I don’t like, how I want to handle situations, and so on.  I also need to stop my reactions in their tracks and determine if they are serving me in the way I want to live.  If not, I need to change it up in a heartbeat.  If it does serve me then I can keep moving forward. 

Again, if I am not effectively communicating with myself, I cannot effectively communicate with others and that impacts how I function in my business. 


We cannot always stop ourselves when it comes to our reactions.  Although we need to be mindful of ourselves, we are not perfect and will never be.  All we can do is our best.  This means taking full responsibility for your actions, choices, and so on.  This means that any interaction with others in your business is your responsibility.  It can be easy to point blame on anyone else for any reason.  It is important to make sure to lead by example and take responsibility for yourself, your choices (even if they are in reaction to others) and think about your integrity and character. 


Showing up in your business empty doesn’t do anything for anyone.  There must be ways you take care of yourself so you can show up and do your best in any situation.  Sometimes taking a personal day because of a migraine or pain or other personal issues and events is better than trying to work through it or bounce back and forth.  If you need time take it.  That way when you come back you will be in a better place to be present in your business. 


How others choose to behave says everything about them and nothing about you.  How you choose to behave says everything about you and nothing about them.  This is where your integrity and character come into things.  Regardless of what happens to you, you get to choose what happens next.  We all can be reactive to others not so great behavior or because we are passionate or even upset about a situation.  Do your best to not allow how others treat you to dictate who you are.  Take a moment to choose who you are, how you feel is best to proceed.  This can save relationships and be great for PR and customer service. 


Focusing, continuously, overtime on the above areas will help you work on transforming who you are becoming and in turn help guide your business in the direction you envision for its future. 

As I said earlier, take some time to evaluate, analyze, and review how things are going in your professional life and how that connects back to you so you can have a better opportunity for getting unstuck in your business and keep progressing forward. 

Most people will read this and think this is great and move on. 

Very few will take the time to walk through this intentionally for themselves and reap the benefits of this process. 

If you are one of those action takers, when you complete this email me at and let me know what aha moment or realization you had that will help you keep progressing forward. 

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