I’m Stuck in My Business, Now What? 

Getting stuck in business can mean so many things to everyone.  We all have many ways we get stuck in business.  I’m sure as you are reading this you are making a mental list in your head, aren’t you?   

I know you know what I’m talking about.  Let’s face it, we don’t know what we don’t know.  So, when we get stuck is it could be because of many reasons.   

A few reasons are: 

  • There could be some personal stuff going on that is occupying our mental and emotional space 
  • Maybe you don’t know a skill you need, and you don’t have the means to hire someone to do it 
  • You might know what you need and have the means to pay for it, but you don’t know who to go with 
  • You might be completely exhausted today and feel obligated to sit at your desk/laptop and “work” when all you are really doing is scrolling through email, social media or watching random videos 
  • Maybe you have reached your knowledge limit and you need to work with someone to level up 
  • You are thinking about all the housework or yard work or everything else you have going on in life that is waiting for you 

I only listed 6 things and you can probably come up with many more.   

See, we all get stuck in business.   

Getting stuck in your business can derail you for minutes, hours, days, weeks, and yes, evens months or years.   

It happens.  I know.   

I was derailed for a very long time.  I would say on and off for 6 years.  Unless you consider my previous company as a distraction then it would be more like 10 years.   

Why do I share this with you.  Because you must take a step back and look at your business with a clean lens.  What is interfering with your business being productive?  What is interfering within yourself that is keeping you from constantly progressing forward.  

When we get stuck what do we do?  We start grasping at straws.  We go into consumption mode.  We start getting all the free things that resemble even a word of our pain point.  Then we start buying all the $7 and $13 upsells.  That throws you into FOMO with the higher ticket offers that may sound great and you get only what your current budget can or cannot afford.  Then it is time to get consuming.   

WOOHOO!!!  You figured it out.  You now have all that you need to get unstuck.  Or that’s what it feels like.  Now you are doing something, doing new actions, moving in some direction that feels like it is towards your goals.  You are showing up for the trainings, you are taking tons of notes, you are exhausting yourself thinking you are making progress.  Then days, weeks and even months go by, and you realize you aren’t any further than you were at the beginning of your grasping at straw episode.   

So, you recognize you are still stuck, so now what?  

👉You are tired of grasping at straws.   

👉You are tired of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  

👉You don’t know who to turn to 

👉You don’t know what next step to take 

👉You have no one to brainstorm with  

👉You have no one to be a sounding board  

Then the questions come:  

❓Should I be doing this? 

❓Is God saying I’m on the wrong path? 

❓Why is God not helping me? 

❓What is wrong with me? 

❓Why is so and so making progress and I’m not? 

❓Why is it working for them and not me?  

Then the emotional spiral begins.  

Do I have your attention? 

Does any of this sound like you?  

Have you ever experienced this on your journey? 

If you answered now to any of the last 3 questions, then you aren’t working on building a business and you aren’t an entrepreneur.  

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been in business for years and have made millions.   

Every entrepreneur gets stuck from time to time.   

The difference between those that make it through and grow their business and those that stay stuck is that those that make it through, and grow have taken a different kind of action.  

Those that make it through and grow do a few things that you need to implement right away.   

These may sound cliché only because you haven’t fully implemented them with the understanding that you still have to put in the work you were before and do these things.   

So, what do you need to do to change this vicious cycle?   

1️⃣ You need to change the 5 people you spend the most time with.   

I get that this can be challenging.  Maybe you don’t know who you are going to meet and get together with.  When I learned this, I realized the 5 people I spent the most time with were those in my household.  Being a wife and a mom that was my life.  I had a few friends but not who I needed to help support me on my journey.  I changed the 5 people I spent most of my time with.  I started reading books, watching you tube videos, watching periscope (yes that was before Facebook lives).  Why? Because I needed to be around people who were going to pour into me without an agenda.  I had control over this.   

2️⃣ Start journaling   

Every millionaire and billionaire interview I have watched or read says they journal daily. Some even carry a pocket journal and write things down throughout the day so they don’t forget ideas and so their mind is free to focus on the now and not what they are trying to remember.   

3️⃣ Start a morning and evening routine.   

This doesn’t have to be more than 15 minutes.  It’s not about how long the routine is.  It’s about what the routine does for you.  The AM routine sets the tone for the day and the PM routine helps clear your mind from the day and wind down a bit so you can rest easier.   

Apply these3 things and see what changes come with it.   

Once you start these things you are going to want to know a few more things. 

Who should I listen to? 

Where can I find them? 

What should I read? 

Where should I start? 

There are too many options.   

Ok, slow down, we got this.  


I can say that because I am a recovering overthinker.   

I would recommend you listen, watch or read on a topic that you feel you are struggling with right now.  

Setting routines.  Read the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 

Overthinking. Read Soundtracks by Jon Acuff 

Your Faith. Read the Bible, watch at sermon on YouTube, listen to some worship music, find a bible study on connecting with God on the Bible app.  

Your marriage.  Relationship Goals by Pastor Michael Todd (there is also a sermon series on YouTube for this one) 

Marketing. Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson 

The key is to get started.  . 

1- Discovery what your main stuck point is  

2- Search on YouTube, in the Bible App, on Amazon, or on google or Pinterest and pick the first thing that resonates with you.   

3- Commit to these actions.  Commit to yourself. Commit to doing what it takes to find continuous progressive action every day.   

If you would like to start with something even more simple, I have created a FREE Packet on how to get unstuck and start progressing in your business today.  

No matter what you choose, choose something.   

After all, entrepreneurship isn’t a destination, it is a journey.   

Start now and create the journey you know you can have.   

Walking with you,

Let’s get connected! I look forward to having you a part of our community!

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