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My blog exists to help entrepreneurs get unstuck and have continual progress in their business.  As we all know business growth isn’t just about checking the boxes.  Business growth is about growing as a person, an entrepreneur, a parent, a spouse, in your faith, and more.     

  1. Discover what is holding you back  

Discovering what is holding you back can be extremely simple.  I mean, you probably know 90% of the time what is holding you back.  It could be fear, confusion, doubt, lack of skill, or maybe your next step is not your area of expertise.  Any of these reasons and more is more common than you might think.  Sof the first think I want you to know is that you are not alone.   

As a mom, wife, daughter of Christ, and entrepreneur, there is a ton of pressure for me to get it right, do all the things, be everywhere anyone needs me at any given moment.  Believe it or not, I know this doesn’t just pertain to us women.  You men entrepreneurs out there have a huge demand on your time and effort too.   

Let’s face it.  Living the life of an entrepreneur is difficult.  Throw in lack of funds, time, and a lack of access to the tools, coaches, and mentors and we are a heaping pile of stuck points.   

To discover what is holding you back, that 10% you never seem to get to, you have to be willing to go to the deepest darkest parts of yourself, dig deep, and be open to accepting whatever it is that you find.  **Disclaimer** I never recommend anyone do this without the support of a coach, mentor, or mental health professional.   

You just have to go beneath the surfer.   That is where I come in.  Going down those rabbit holes everyone tells you to stay out of because you’ll get distracted is where I thrive the most.  It is also where I can help you the most to seek out your issues and work through conquering them.   

  1. Work through conquering your stuck points 

So what can you do to work through conquering your stuck points if you feel like all you are doing is juggling everything?   If this is where you are you probably feel like if you stop for 1 second to take a breath everything will come crashing down.  Guess what, if you put down all the plates first, step back and take a breath….. 

Everything will still be there, you will have been able to regroup and you will have a better perspective of what this looks like.  Now, the key is to NOT go back to picking up and juggling all the things.  The key here is to get you to a place of putting a strategic plan in place so you regain control of “all the things” going on in your life so you can be more efficient, more productive and feel less stressed in the process.   

In order to conquer your stuck points you have to put down the plates you’re juggling and give yourself some times to really dive into the stuck points on your own, with a coach, or apply a tool you may have for conquering what you are facing.   

You have got to slow down in order to speed up and reach the goals you have in your business and in your daily life.   

  1. Building your tool box 

Building your tool box comes with time.  However, we all start with a few things, these can vary by person.  Here are a few things you might want to add to your tool box.  

Here is a list of MUST’s  

  • A list of people in your life that support you on your entrepreneurial journey? 
  • A list of your likes and dislikes (what you like doing in your business and what you don’t like doing in your business)? 
  • What are the 3 things you feel you must have access to in order to move forward? 
  • What type of coach/mentor do you need to work with to move forward in your next step?  
  • What 1 thing can you add, remove, or shift in your current routine that would make things run a bit smoother?  
  • Write our your freedom lifestyle.  What will your life look like when you have conquered your main stuck points and are now having continual progress in your business?  

Here is a list of important professional services you need to secure and you can do these when you’re ready (set this list aside for later) 

  • Bookkeeper (have your books set up from the beginning) 
  • CPA or EA (questions will arise and you will need a professional to reach out to) 
  • Lawyer (have them on retainer – even if you don’t retain them now, start building your list of lawyers you would be interested in interviewing for when you are ready to start your search)  
  1. Achieving confidence in yourself so you can do more on your own 

Confidence is something most people struggle with at some point or another.  Some of you may have even struggled writing out your freedom lifestyle and let imposter syndrome creep in a bit. So I want to share a few things with you.   

You are capable of having your freedom lifestyle if: 

1) you are willing to let go of comparing yourself to others and to your previous self 

2) you are ready to make the necessary changes to your business and daily life that are necessary 

3) you stop your negative thoughts in their tracks and replace them with the truth.  Here are some I AM statements for you to get started: 

I AM Capable 

  I AM Valuable 

I AM Loved 

I AM Unique 

I AM Wise 

I AM Called to share my message and change lives 

Keep going…..Add some more 

  1. Take actionable steps to create the lifestyle you desire 

So, what do I mean by this? To create the lifestyle you desire you MUST do what it takes.  I am not saying you have to sacrifice and work 24/7 and compromise your health and wellbeing.  I am saying you have to know what you are and are not willing to do and go through to create teh lifestyle you desire.  Do not look at anyone else and say “I want to be like them”.  You did not walk in their shoes and I guarantee you probably wouldn’t want to go through their rock bottom to have what they have.  This is all about action.  It can seem like I am telling you to stop so telling you this is all about action might not make sense.   

I will tell you that stopping is the most difficult action of all.  It goes against everything every coach or guru has ever told me.  Stopping, sitting, being, listening, processing, writing, and debriefing will bring clarity, next steps, hope, confidence, guidance, and ultimately the knowingness to arise and grow into the next steps.   


Today I walked you through 5 ways I help my community with getting unstuck and creating continual action in their businesses.  Going through each step, 1 at a time, and implementing the actions will help you with this journey.  We must break down the foundation to build it back up.  Some foundations may only need a little maintenance, some need a complete rebuild and others haven’t even started and need some guidance on where to begin.  No matter where you are on this journey this post will help you take back control and move towards getting unstuck and having continual action in your business.  

See ya next time,

If you resonated with this I invite you to get connected and share this with someone who you think it will help also.

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