5 Things I Help My Audience With

1. Introduce Women to Self-Discovery...

Introduce women to self-discovery in a way that is absorbable, actionable, and intentional in their faith, marriage, parenting, business (work/entrepreneurship), and all relationships.

Self-discovery is the first stage to personal development and comes close to the line of counseling.  There is a fine line between self-discovery and therapy as well as self-discovery and personal development.  I believe everyone should go to therapy at different season in their lives for the support, guidance, and tools it offers.  I also believe everyone should be doing their own personal development daily.  All of these have their place.   

Therapy is a great place to support you, help you feel heard, help you process your emotions, help you gain skills and knowledge that will support you in healing and overcoming trauma and being able to function well in your daily life. 

Personal development is all about acknowledging where you want to go in life, say positive affirmations, and envision it in your mind and it will happen.  This is where they talk about mindset relentlessly and tend to instill in you that as long as you are being positive everything will change.  This doesn’t give you the tools you need for what roadblocks are to come or what things continue to hold you back.

Self-discovery is the first step to personal development.  Most people don’t know that.  Self-Discovery is the process of acquiring insight into one’s own character.  This is a lifelong journey because we are every growing and changing.  We are experiencing new things every day and facing new challenges as well.  Everything we experience impacts us in some way and become our past in a moment and has the potential to change the trajectory that we are on. 

Self-Discovery is a journey I have been on for over 17 years.  Every time I grow I think I am doing so good until I hit a brick wall or I have the smallest stumble and I realize I am not where I thought I was in my growth and that there is always more I can do to grow as a person. 

No one talked about how to know yourself or how to set you inner foundation that you can live from.  No one talked about breaking the chains that bind you to your past or giving you the tools to face what is coming that you aren’t prepared for.  That is why I am so passionate about helping women seek their inner truth and defeat their past so they can design the future they were created to live. 

2. Give Self-Care Tips

Give self-care tips that are more than just spa days. 

Oh yes, spa days are fantastic!!!  I love going to get a massage and relax, get a mani-pedi, and maybe even a facial!  Let’s be honest, not always an option due to the state of the world and places not being open, finances, time, oh yeah, and all the things you have to do every day. 

Spa days are great when you can get them.  Self-care is about more than a massage.  It is about caring for yourself faith, mind, body, and soul.  I will be sharing some ways you may have and may not have heard of so you can practice self-care daily and not have it feel like a chore you have to try to get to. 

3. Provide Tools and Strategies

Provide tools and strategies that support overcoming the overwhelm that life throws at you.

Yep!!! Life can be overwhelming…. that means you can feel defeated by whatever is in front of you or whatever is holding you back or whatever you have no control over.  I spent so many years living this way.  I want to start with giving you one nugget to take away from today. 

When I learned that the world overwhelm actually means to be defeated, I stopped using it immediately.  Yes, sometimes I felt defeated…I have not been defeated.  New word to replace overwhelm is overloaded.  I get overloaded at times with all the things.  That just means I don’t have a skill or tool or strategy or willpower to face the circumstances in front of me at the time. 

I will be proving tools and strategies to support you overcoming the overwhelm, oops, the overloading moments in all areas of your life.  From mom and wife to entrepreneur to daughter of Christ.

4. Tips and Support

Tips and Support to help you get back on track  or improve how you connect with God.

Now we all know that having time for God is so important.  We, at times, feel like we don’t have time with Him because we don’t have 30 minutes or 1 hour to sit, be still, meditate on the word, be in prayer, do a devotional, etc.  I will be sharing some tips and support to help you with making time for God in your day, so it feels natural and not forced. 

We want to look forward to our time with God not feel like it’s one more thing we have to do. 

A relationship with Christ is priority #1.  Without our time with Him we can tend to feel all discombobulated throughout our entire day. 

5. Support You On Your Journey Of Living Life Intentionally

Many of us show up differently at home, at church, in public, at work, and in our business.  We even show up differently depending on who we are around.  This is a great defense tactic to help us protect ourselves.  A lot of times we aren’t sure about the environment or expectations of guests.  It takes a few minutes for us to get settled, examine others, and get a feel for the room and expectations before we warm up and come out of our shell a little bit. 

Many of us can feel inauthentic because we tend to become chameleons and adapt to our surroundings instead of being who we think we are.  In this space we get to explore our authentic selves and learn how to live intentionally with truth and confidence no matter what environment we are in without feeling like we are “pretending” to be someone we are not.


I look forward to introducing you to self-discovery, sharing some tips for daily self-care that you enjoy and look forward to, sharing tools and strategies to overcome the overwhelming and overloading moments in your life, as well as sharing tips and support for your relationship with God.  My desire is that what I share, if it applies to you, will be something you can apply into your life immediately. I will encourage you with this.  Although I will share many things, I want you to only focus on what you need for you.  Set aside all the other things as tools for if and when you need them, so you are prepared.  I look forward to getting to know you on this journey. 

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