We are so passive when it comes to mental wellness

We are so passive when it comes to mental wellness

Self-Doubt is: Lack of confidence in the reliability of one’s own motives, personality, thought, etc.

People tell you to change your mindset.  Great. 

They say think more positively. Great.

Don’t allow yourself to think negative thoughts. Great.

Just keep moving forward.  Great.

The problem with these suggestions is that they keep you from getting to the root cause of your issue.  These all suggest that you can believe your way out of your problems and into your dream life.

Self-doubt is real and it comes from somewhere.

If you had a horrible pain in your side that persisted and kept you from being able function normally would people tell you to just keep moving forward, think positively, and don’t allow yourself those negative thoughts? 

NO!!! They would encourage you to do everything you can to get better and that includes going to the dr.

We are so passive when it comes to mental wellness.

I believe we fear what we do not know or understand.  If we don’t know how to fix something or if we don’t understand something, we sweep it under the rug and downplay its importance.

Our world is great at doing that with mental wellness.  Self-doubt is in the mind.  If it is in the mind it’s a belief you have about yourself.  If it is a belief you have about yourself, where did it come from?  Yes, the first thing or moment or person or experience that came into your mind is important.  Write it down in as much detail as you can.  This is where you discover the root cause.  Then when you are writing this down you might find that you remember something at an earlier time in life, sometimes not.  This is the process of digging deeper.  Why don’t we dig deep? Because it hurts.  We don’t want to feel hurt, pain, sadness, anger, etc.  All we want to feel are “good feelings”.  All feelings are good feelings.  I am learning this more and more every day.

Every feeling tells us something.  Every feeling shows us we can feel.  It also tells us how we feel about others, situations, things, and more.

This is how we get honest with ourselves, learn to communicate with ourselves with a broader vocabulary, and how to take 100% responsibility for our actions in our lives.

This brings empowerment.

Empowerment brings the ability to face all that was so we can face all that is to come.

Confidence is:

1a: feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances

1a: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way

2the quality or state of being certain CERTITUDE

There is more so I encourage you to go read the rest.  Do your research.

From <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/confidence>

You’ve got this!! It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or believes.  What matters is what you say to yourself when you are in the quiet; when you lay your head on your pillow at night. 

I encourage you with this.  When you have doubts come up in your mind, take control….You get to choose what to do with those thoughts.  Write them down, then write down what comes to mind from your past in relation to those thoughts, (this is also about becoming self-aware) then you choose what to take from that and empower yourself to choose what you now want to believe about yourself. 

You are enough!! 

Declare Your Truth ~ Live with Confidence

Dena S. Adams

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