Who Do You Envy?

Who Do You Envy?

To envy is to:

Desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else).

Having a place to go that brings you peace, comfort, and wisdom is what we all desire even if we don’t know it.

Let’s face it, that sounds like a dream, right?!?

What if I told you there was a place you could go that can offer you peace, comfort, and wisdom and all you had to do was be open to receiving it all?

You would probably laugh in my face and walk away thinking, “this lady has lost her mind”.

I get it.  If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Have you ever heard the saying: “nothing worth having comes easy”?

The full quote by Theodore Roosevelt says:

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life.  I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

Think about who you envy.  We tend to envy those in life who have to work hard for their life.  We may not always think that.  Look at the film and modeling industry, many people in this industry are envied because of what they have, the money they make, their celebrity status.  We don’t realize all the pain, suffering, and heartache these people go through to do what they love, entertain the world.

If we saw behind the curtain of their everyday lives off stage and off screen NONE of us would envy that.

What about pro athletes?  We envy their spotlight, that they get paid a ton of money to play a game, that they don’t work year-round, and that they get to travel.  If we were to see the life they live, training, meal plans they have to follow, the rigidity of their life and that they have other jobs during the off season, we may not envy them so much.

You may want what someone else has but are you willing to go through what it takes to have that same thing they do that you envy?

We tend to look to others in our lives to give us peace when we feel like an unstoppable tornado.

We tend to look to others in our lives to give us comfort when we feel like we have nothing left.

We tend to look to others in our lives to give us wisdom when we don’t know something.

Although this is important.  We weren’t meant to live this life alone.  We were meant to have others to turn to for peace, comfort, and wisdom.  The problem is that we expect them to give us peace, comfort, and wisdom in a way that surpassed the human ability to give and to receive.

God is wise

God is forgiving

God is merciful

God is love

God’s spirit lives within us and He can bring us the ultimate peace, comfort and knowledge that we need in any situation.

What does this look like?  I’m sure many of you are trying to figure out what my secret is to finding this from God and not the world.

  • ways I find peace comfort and wisdom from God
  • Focus completely on feeling the Holy Spirit move
    1. This is an internal experience. You have your gut instinct, a knowingness, a voice you hear, a vision you see, a feeling you can’t explain.
    2. God gives us all we need within us. He sent the Holy Spirit, the Truth of God, to live within our spirit when Jesus died on the Cross for our sins.
  • Read His Word
    1. God gives us all we need to know in His word, the Holy Bible.
    2. Seek the truth in the word to know if something is right. Don’t seek truth from the world to see if God’s word is right.
  • Sit in the quiet
    1. Take time to pray to Him
    2. Take time to sit in the silence, in His presence and wait on Him
    3. Allow God to reach down and give you comfort and peace
    4. Allow God to speak to you and give you wisdom
  • Here is a bonus tip
    1. As I am writing this, I knew there was one more thing that is a MUST or none of the above will matter
    2. YOU MUST, at least, with the faith of a mustard seed, believe in God, believe in the possibility of the Trinity. If you don’t believe with any part of yourself, even the smallest bit of a mustard seed then you will not be able to recognize God’s spirit, God’s comfort, God’s love, God’s peace, and God’s wisdom.

You might be asking how this works if your faith is the size of a mustard seed and you really aren’t sure what you believe in, and you’re open to considering His existence.

You can do what the rest of us do.   Have a chat with Christ!  It might go something like this.

“Hey God, it’s me, Dena.  You know the one who got so lost from you for so long I almost took my own life, I almost gave up my son, I partied too hard with the wrong people way too often, I didn’t take responsibility for my life for a long time.  I wasn’t the greatest mom or wife.  Ok, yeah, you know who I am.  I just wanted to make sure because I don’t know why, with all the children you have on earth, you would know me or remember me.  I know that I think you are real or could be.  I had faith a long time ago, but I don’t know if I have any now.  I could use your help with that.  I am grateful you are listening to me even though I haven’t been the best daughter.  So here goes.  I would like to invite you into my heart.  I ask that you guide me with your wisdom to bring calmness and peace to my heart and soul so I can extend that into my life.  I know I don’t deserve this and I know that you love your children and are a forgiving God.  God will you please forgive me of my sins, allow me a clean slate, help me to heal from my past so I can create a future for your glory?  With the faith of a mustard seed, if it is really that big, I ask you into my heart, soul, and life and pray that you will give me the wisdom I need to move forward with you by my side.  Amen”

This is roughly the prayer I prayed many times.  This is a variation of it, but you get the idea.

I do not envy others.  I may be intimidated by their fame, their status, and their presence.  I do not envy them.  I respect their journey, their strength, and their drive.  I do not envy them.  I may admire their outfits, their style, and their self-respect.  I do not envy them.  I may feel inferior at times, less than, and beneath others because of their status and/or demeanor.  I do not envy them.

I do not envy others.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I used to envy others, covet what others had, and wish, hope, and pray that I could have what they do.

I learned that in order to be where they are and have what they have I would have to live the life they lived exactly to a T without missing any experience no matter how great or how devastating.  My life was a hot mess enough with trauma, pain, devastation, joy, happiness, love, and exhaustion.  I don’t want to even think of what they have been through that is not public knowledge.

I’m great right where I am.   The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  I do not envy others.

I am grateful for knowing others, meeting others, and learning from others.  I do not envy others.

I live to glorify God by serving those He has called me to serve in the way He has called me to serve them.

I know it sounds very cliché; I know when God is pulling at me to serve someone.  Just because someone thinks I owe them and should serve them doesn’t mean God says I am the one to serve them.  God has so much going on behind the scenes that if I serve someone I am not supposed to serve in a way I’m not supposed to serve them just so I can say I served someone (serving out of fear) then the person that was supposed to serve this someone misses out or loses out on their chance to serve the way they were called to serve.  I hope that makes senses.  It sounds like a bad tongue twister.

So, the question is, Who, do you envy?

Take some time and write this out for yourself.

Before you read this who, did you envy?

Now having read it, who do you envy?

Did it change? Why has this changed?

Take the time to share this with others and do some greatness in the world.  Serve and love others as God has called us to so He can be glorified through our obedience.

Declare Your Truth ~ Live with Confidence

Until Next time……

Dena Adams

To discover your inner greatness takes self-care, no more mom guilt, and a desire to date yourself.  First, you must overcome the overwhelm so you can focus in the moment.

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