Dare to Rediscover Yourself in God

Dare to Rediscover Yourself in God

Often, we get lost in the lies and labels of the world.  We are born without prejudice, without hate and without judgement for others.  When you look at children, they show love, compassion, and kindness no matter someone’s appearance, disability, color, etc.  As a society we have gotten away from discipline, faith, and community. 

I remember when I was young if there was an adult around it might as well of been my parents.  The adults in our community stuck together, held each other and the children accountable for their actions.  Everywhere you went there was someone who knew you or someone in your family.  You couldn’t look at someone wrong without your parents knowing before you got home, and we didn’t have instant access to each other.

We had people of influence in our communities around us at school, at church, just hanging out at the bowling alley or skate rink.  We had so much instilled in us to be a good person.  I know it didn’t keep us from making poor choices.  The discipline waiting for us was what kept some of us from making poor choices. 

So, what do we do in a society where how you look, how much money you make, and all the superficial things is how others judge us and we judge others?  Because of this we are so disconnected from God in our daily lives that we have lost sight of who we are in God.  I believe we must rediscover who we are individually in God so we can start to change the world in our inner circle. 

What does that even mean?  Dare to rediscover yourself in God?  What? 

God created each of us individually and uniquely for the purpose and plan He had for our lives.  When we take on other beliefs and they do not line up with God’s plan and purpose of us it can make us feel disconnected, confused, and lost. 

Dare to rediscover yourself in God. 

Dare to stand alone. 

Dare to stand strong on God’s principles and not the worlds

Dare to be different

Dare to embrace all that God created you to be

Dare to let go of the lies and labels of the world

Dare to look yourself in the mirror and embrace yourself with Love. 

Dare to root your life in God and His truth

I say dare because there will be resistance.  There will be people you lose in your life.  There will be challenges along the way.  There will be hurts and pains as you go through this journey.  This is not an easy task. 

Dig deep into God’s word.  Dig deep into scripture to discover who God says you are.  Be willing to face your past and all your sins so you can ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself as well.  When you rediscover yourself in God and who He says you are it is transforming. 

I encourage you with the understanding this is a life journey.  Not something you are going to do for a few minutes over the course of a week and everything will be changed, and you stop.  This transformation is ever evolving you as a person and in your faith. 

Along this journey you will find that others are not where you are, others will not understand, and it may make you feel like you shouldn’t be doing this.  That is just because they aren’t where you are.  It’s great to invite someone on this journey with you.  Don’t be surprised if no one joins you.  Make sure to love them where they are and do what you need to do. 

There have been times when my husband and I have been on different paths of growth in our faith and the one not growing had to love the other and keep growing.  Sometimes it is him and sometimes it is me and sometimes it neither of us nor sometimes it’s both of us.  Give others space to be on their own path and do your best to keep moving forward.

There will be backslides.  There will be days you feel like you are not getting it right and you want to give up.  I encourage you to reach out to your support system and get encouragement.  Sometimes your support system is someone you listen to on YouTube or a podcast.  It doesn’t always have to be someone you know and are close to. 

So now you have a choice to make.  One, you will choose to leave your life as it is, and this will just be another post you have read and may or may not impact your life.   Two, you will choose to act and start doing what you need to do to transform your life and start your journey to reconnect with God. 

Declare Your Truth ~ Live With Confidence ~ Dena Adams

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