What If This Is My Best?

What If This Is My Best?

Throughout my life I felt that there was always something just not quite right about me.  I believed that I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, or capable enough to become or do anything worth doing.  I started believing these things at a young age. 


Recently I heard something that made me think back to how many times I believed I was at my best and I wouldn’t get any better.


Do you ever have those days? 


Those days where you believe “I’ve peaked”, “I’m at my capacity for life”, “so now what?”  I will reassure you that you’re not alone.  I did to for a long time.  I think we believe that we get to a certain point in life and that is our best and we will always be at that level forever and we can never get any better.  I also think that sometimes we don’t think we need to be any better.


I think, “I’m a good person.  I’m helpful and kind.  I do the best I can with what I have and where I’m at in life.” I also know that I usually have those thoughts when I’m feeling bad about myself and my lack of feeling like I want to strive for more.

We tend sometimes to point fingers at other people and judge them based on where we are in life at that moment.  If we are in a bad mood, maybe that is our best in that moment.  Yes, we all get a choice to change.  In those moments that might be our best no matter what we do and we feel like we can’t change that.  Well, what if we saw everyone else that way too.


  • That person just cut you off in traffic, maybe that is their best today.
  • That person didn’t hold the door for you, and you spilt your coffee, maybe that is their best today.
  • That person is yelling at their kid in the store, maybe that is their best today.
  • That person is ignoring their crying child in public, maybe that is their best today.

What can you do in those moments to be your best?

  • Maybe that person who cut you off needed you to smile and wave to make their day better.
  • Maybe the person who didn’t hold the door for you just needs a smile to make their day better.
  • Maybe the person yelling at their kid in the store has been having issues with the way their child has been behaving the last 3 places they have gone and they just need someone to say, “I get it.  I’ve been there.  It will be ok,” to help them not feel alone.
  • Maybe the person ignoring their child crying in public just doesn’t know what else to do because they have tried everything, and they might need someone to offer a helping hand to help them have a better day.


I was that person in all those scenarios many times over.  Now I am the one who offers a smile or a helping hand or a kind word to help someone else have a better day because someone did that for me.

I realized I was being my best in that moment.  When someone else took the time to acknowledge me and my situation I didn’t feel alone anymore.  I didn’t feel like the world was falling apart around me anymore.


My call to action for you this week is to be the change you want to see in the world.  Help someone who is struggling, smile at someone who is clearly having a rough day.  All it takes is one kindhearted gesture at a time to turn the day around for someone.


Declare Your Truth ~ Live With Confidence ~ Dena Adams

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