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Maybe you’re not stuck Maybe you’re frozen with fear

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Read | 0 comments

Maybe you’re not stuck Maybe you’re frozen with fear

I am tired….

Do you ever get tired of anything?

I am tired of having to be “ON” at any given moment

I am tired of believing I have to be strong all the time

I am tired of believing that I am too emotional, so I turn off my emotions to make others comfortable

I am tired of past fears popping back up in my life that I have overcome only to realize God is wanting me to take my growth to the next level.

I am tired of going through the same issues, different day, different people, same issues.

I am tired of hurting.

I am tired of external factors impacting my internal circumstances

I am tired of wavering in my faith.

I am tired of feeling lost

I am tired of being hard on myself

I am tired of overanalyzing

I am tired of feeling like I’m on a hamster wheel, where all I have to do is step off it but I’m fearful of the step from a very, very fast-moving wheel to solid ground. 

I’m tired, I’m exhausted, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Saying all of this I know there are so many people that have felt pity for me, felt sorry for me, feel obligated to give me advice on how to pick myself back up and keep moving forward because that is the social norm. 

We all want to feel comfortable.  When people are uncomfortable, they tend to react in a way that makes them feel more comfortable and in control.  Some people tend to get irritated, agitate, angry, combative, argumentative, others tend to sink into the background, shut down, withdraw, and others tend to take the lead, attempt to redirect the situation without seeming like they are to get it back to a place of comfortability.  At times we are all 1 of those people if not more of the people I described above.  We are not perfect.  What some people do and I attempt to be this person as often as possible even though it doesn’t happen always is they sit in their un-comfortability, they acknowledge how they are feeling, they figure out why they are feeling that way, they make take a deep breath or two so they can move through this and accept it as they honor others comfortability in the situation knowing not everything is about being comfortable but about being able to move through situations as themselves, honoring themselves and all the emotions that come with being human. 


I am tired of people being fake for the sake of being fake

I am tired of people lying to save face

I am tired of people sugar coating what they really think.  No they don’t have to be jerks but there is a way to be honest with kindness and love

I am tired of people doing things because they feel obligated and can’t see beyond that.

I am tired of being taken for granted

I am tired of feeling less than because it is what I have been conditioned to feel that way

I am tired of people blaming others for their past behavior and not being willing to change it now because then they would have to own their responsibility

I am tired of being in chronic pain

I am tired of not being able to be in the heat due to the brain trauma

I am tired, tired, tired, tired.


I am joyful that I have a Father in Heaven who has never forsaken me

I am joyful that I have a Father in Heaven who will always walk with me

I am joyful that I have a Father in Heaven who will watch over me.

I am joyful that I know The Holy Spirit and He lives in me

I am joyful that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ who is my light unto my path and with whom I am trusting with everything that I am to handle all things that I can-not

I am joyful that there is a trinity, the trinity, that I hold tight to for peace, comfort, understanding, guidance, mercy, forgiveness, truth, and my humanity. 

This joy I speak of isn’t me showing externally excitement and being loud and celebratory. 

This joy I speak of is something I feel that reminds me in the best of times and the worst of times that my Lord and Savior is always with me and that I can have inner peace when I am hurting; that I can be comforted through Him when I am feeling that nothing in this world is making any sense; that there is healing coming when I see any of our children struggling with mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual battles; that God will provide when we can’t see how it will happen. 

We all get tired of things in our lives.

We all face these situations differently.

We all have suggestions as to what has worked for us.

We all have what makes us comfortable and believe everyone should do things our way

We all have something that no one else has…..our uniqueness, our inner greatness, our special gift that is not like anyone else’s. 

We all can spend our days comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reels

At the end of the day unless you are living your true authentic self are you truly joyful and are you truly living the life you were called to live and that brings you joy and happiness? 

Every season of life has it’s own seasons. 

As in Proverbs 31, we have many roles to play in our lives as women.  We don’t have to play them all at once.  There is a progression.  As you learn through your circumstances and have internal and spiritual growth you will move into a new season.  If you don’t have growth you will continue to relive the same lesson over and over in many different ways until the lesson is learned. 

We cant continue to live as we always have, with the same understandings, without growing, and believe we are ready for the next level.  There is a saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. 

The teacher could have been in your life all along, for years, or for just a few short days but until you are ready to be the student you will not recognize your teacher. 

Be open to focusing on yourself, how you can grow, how you can become the person you were called to be. 

Remember, no one has arrived.  WE ALL need to continue to maintain our inner foundation that we live from.  No matter how much money you make you will always take your care in for maintenance.  Why is it that when we believe we have reached a certain point in life, such as our careers, our faith, our relationships, our age, our milestones, etc., why is it we believe we don’t need to……go back to basics in any area? 


That is just simply not true. We must go back to our foundation consistently and go through a journey to maintain our inner foundation so it can continue to support the life we are building on it. 

It doesn’t matter if you make $0 or 8 figures you are human, you are just like everyone else, and having a solid inner foundation to live from is key to continued growth, being able to recognize the triggers as they come, and to keeping us humble. 


Your Faith, Your Life and Your Business all have 1 thing in common……YOU!

You are not the same in Your Faith as you are in Your Life, you are not the same in Your Life as you are Your Business, and you are not he same in Your Business as you are in Your Faith. 

You  can however, live from the same foundation to build all of this on for longevity and legacy. 

Blessings to you and yours, 

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