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Key Strategies to Finding Clarity

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Read | 0 comments

Key Strategies to Finding Clarity

I love defining moments in my life.  Those moments when you wish you could capture every detail, but you just want to live in the moment and not miss a thing.  I am a sucker for definitions of words too.  As I have gone through my journey I have realized that people are using words in a way they weren’t meant to be used.  So, I want to start by defining the word finding and clarity.


Finding: (based on Merriam Webster online dictionary)

  • The act of
  • Results of

It is a verb: it is an action or state of being

Clarity: (based on Merriam Webster online dictionary)

  • The quality of being
    1. Clear
    2. Easily Understood
    3. Easily Seen or Heard

It is a noun: it is a state of being

We don’t tend to think about each word we use to describe what we want, where we’re going, how we’re going to get there.  Our words are very passive, reactive, and unintentional.

I want to encourage you to be intentional with Finding Clarity

Finding clarity is how you are going to overcome the chaos of what is, the contamination of what was, and take action with your clarity to create what is to become.

Strategy to Finding Clarity #1

What clarity are you seeking?  Knowing this is the first strategy for finding clarity.  You must have a starting point.  Most people think they need clarity in one area of life and end up in a completely different area of life than expected.   

Strategy to Finding Clarity #2

The second strategy to finding clarity is to look for clarity within instead of outside ourselves.  We don’t realize that we have all we need inside of us.  God says His truth lives within us (the Holy Spirit).  We need to make sure to take time to sit in God’s presence and listen.  

Strategy to Finding Clarity #3

The third step to finding clarity is recognizing the knowledge you have about the clarity you gain.  Knowledge is power but applied knowledge is wisdom.   We must apply the knowledge we have to our lives otherwise what good is it to us?

I encourage you to take the time to find your clarity in any area of life.  We are always growing and learning so clarity will be something we are always looking to find.  I can’t wait to hear how this helps you with finding your clarity!!!  

Blessings to you and yours,

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