3 Reasons to be Honest with Yourself

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3 Reasons to be Honest with Yourself

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The word honest is underrated.  The word honest is used out of context.  The word honest, in my opinion, is used as what people believe should be truth and what they want to believe as truth and has a bit of reality attached to it but is not the whole truth.

We speak truth from our perspective on what we see, know, and recall based on our direct, first-hand experiences, knowledge, and interaction. 

Imagine you call 10 people in a room who all attended the same day-long event and you ask them to recall the happenings of the day, what do you think the outcome will be?

You will have 10 different stories.  Some will have similarities, some won’t even sound as though they were at the same event, some will have had aha moments, and others will have felt that they gained nothing from the event.

 Why is that?  To answer that question and dive into the reasons to be honest with yourself we need to define honest, truth, and perspective.  I know, you probably are not interested in learning the definitions.  It probably feels like 9th-grade vocabulary all over again.  Hopefully not, since I failed the first semester of 9th grade English which was basic spelling, vocabulary, and grammar, lol.  Let me assure you it will be short and painless.

 Based on the online version of the Merriam-webster dictionary the definition of


Real things, events, and facts (fact: something of actual existence or occurrence)


A mental view

A visible scene


Free from fraud or deception





(you can go through and look up any other words you would like)

 If we see being honest as to how we see the facts based on our perspective, isn’t it true that what we see that honest can be skewed based on our own experience?


We all have an internal reality that we believe based on the happenings in the external reality we live in as our mind perceives it.

Therefore, we can realize that we take into consideration all the lies and truths of all of those around us to formulate our own perspective of what is honest.


Ok, let’s break this down into # reasons, to be honest with yourself.


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Reason #1 to be honest with yourself

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Being honest with yourself means you can live from an internal truth regardless of your external circumstances. 

I am this way.  I focus on being non-biased regardless of who is involved.  I focus on the truth that is instead of the truth I want to believe. 

Being brutally honest with yourself will give you a sense of awareness that you had not idea you could have.  We live blindly, looking through our perspective lenses.

Getting honest doesn’t mean we are not correct about how we see the world.  It just means we can now start to look through eyes without rose colored glasses.


What is your perspective:

Judgement of others

Judgement of self






We all have our own honest reality we live in.  What is your internal truth?

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Reason #2 to be honest with yourself

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The second reason you should be honest with yourself is it opens a world of intentionality.  You now have walked through a door that shows you if you want something you have to go get it.  It shows you other peoples true colors.  It shows you your true colors.  Being honest shows you how intentional or the lack of intention you live with every day.  How are you interacting with your family, friends, co-workers, etc.? 

How do you handle difficult situations? Are what other people mentioning to you about your behavior, words, or actions really happening?  We make excuses for ourselves because we want to create an internal reality for ourselves, so we don’t have to deal with the reality of what is around us, what has happened to us, or what we are going to have to face coming down the road. 

 You are lying to yourself about something.  Discover what it is and choose to be brutally honest with yourself about it and then, take action to create the truth you desire. 

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Reason #3 to be honest with yourself

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The third reason to be honest with yourself is it brings an internal peace that most people will never discover.  Knowing you don’t have to keep up with the internal reality by remembering who you said and didn’t say things to.  Know you don’t have to keep up with the different realities you are living in.  It’s peaceful.  You have less stress, sleep better at night, and your mind now has the freedom to be used for all the greatness that is to come. 

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Declare Your Truth ~ Live with Confidence 

Dena S. Adams